Kemfeed products and pool pumps Noosa

Kemfeed is our own range of quality chemical dosing pumps, which are available exclusively from Pool Products in Noosa. Kemfeed is a proven design, quality-produced peristaltic pump suitable for delivering a wide range of pool chemicals. Offering reliability and strength, the pump is ideally suited to commercial installations such as swimming pools, spas, cooling towers, sewerage treatment and aquaculture.

Kemfeed peristaltic pump

The Kemfeed peristaltic pump is a robust, reliable unit requiring minimal maintenance. The pump can be specified with or without an integrated time to suit various applications. Delivery pressures are between 400 & 600 kpa depending on pump tube size and gearbox RPM. Because Kemfeed is our own product range here at Pool Products, all Kemfeed pumps and products are Australian owned and made. Replacement parts are readily available here in Australia should they be necessary, and can be fitted by pool industry service personnel.


  • 0.9mm 304 grade stainless steel
  • 1.8 metre with piggy back plug
  • Solid State, encapsulated. Repeatable 60.0 second with % run time adjusted by potentiometer
  • 240 volt ac shaded pole. 38.0mm stack, with thermal overload in windings
  • Rotor bearings, 22.0 mm diameter C3 sealed ball bearing.
  • Motor fitted with aluminium fan and rated for continuous operation.
  • Output shaft speed of 12, 25, 38, & 51 RPM.
  • First gear, silent nylon spiral helical. All other gears machine cut, hardened steel spur.
  • Output shaft bearings (2) 22.0 mm diameter C3 sealed ball bearing.
  • Lubrication by EP grease.
  • Rotation, anti clockwise
  • Thermoplastic material with “see through” face plate. Face plate fitted with outboard mounted 8.0, sintered bronze bush offering “3 point” support for gearbox output shaft.
  • The 56.0 mm roller assembly has three nylon rollers rotating on bronze bushes.
  • Roller assemblies are available in two sizes depending on the pump tube selected and are push fit on output shaft.
  • All tubes of “Norprene” material. Tube sizes, 6.3mm (1/4), 9.5mm (3/8), 11.0mm (7/16).
  • Tubes are locked into pump head by cast in register.
  • A chemical resistance chart is available on request for checking suitability of pumped product.
  • Suction line, 6.0 mm CVT fitted with ceramic weight and thermoplastic stainer.
  • Delivery line, 9.5 mm low density polyethylene.
  • Injector, “tube through” style with compressions fitting and ½ in BSP thread for fitment to injection line.
  • 50/15 mm PVC threaded faucet tee supplied for injection.
  • Width 200 mm, Height 155 mm, Depth 210 mm
  • Shipping weight 4.0 kg
  • 24 months against defect in manufacture or material

Peristaltic Pump Models

N Series

A pump range fitted with an adjustable timer, but can also be operated un-timed. This pump suits a wide range of applications and is especially popular where small accurate dose rates are needed. Dose rates as low as 60.0 mls/hour are possible. In timed mode, depending on model, has maximum outputs from 315.0 mls / hour to 5.3 litres / hour. In untimed mode, depending on model, has maximum outputs of 792.0 mls/ hour to 13.3 litres / hour.

P Series

An untimed pump range with maximum outputs from 792.0 mls / hour to 13.3 litres / hour depending on model. This pump is particularly suited to applications using a chemical controller that incorporates pump control.

Gearbox RPM. 12 25 38 51
No 4 Pump Tube. (6/3 mm. 1/4")
Output setting.
25.0 % - 61.8 96.2 130
50.0% - 123.5 192.4 260
75.0% - 185.3 288.6 390
Timer not elected. - 570 888 1200
No 8 Pump Tube. (9.5 mm. 3/8")
Output setting.
25.0 % 85.8 201.5 314.6 390
50.0 % 171.6 403 629.2 80
75.0 % 257.4 604.5 943.8 1170
Timer not elected. 792 860 2904 3600
No 16 Pump Tube. (11.0 mm. 7/16")
Output setting.
25.0 % - 715 1108.9 1439.1
50.0 % - 1430 2217.8 2878.2
75.0 % - 2145 3326 4317
Timer not elected. - 6600 10236 13284


  • Flow rates listed are with water 1.0 metre suction lift and open discharge.
  • Pumps should be sized so that maximum required flow is at 50.0% output settings

To select a pump model:

  • Determine the flow required and match to 50.0% setting
  • Note the pump series. i.e N.
  • Note the gearbox RPM. i.e 12, 25, 38, or 51.
  • Note the tube No.i.e 4, 8, or 16.

CO2 Flow Control

The Kemfeed CO2 Flow Control is designed to operate in conjunction with any proprietary chemical controller and is constructed using only quality components. Installation is simple, with all necessary hardware, tubing and fittings included. The unit is flow adjustable and suitable for fitment to most spas and pools up to 1000 cubic metres volume.

Three injector / piping systems are available:

  • Noryl saddles to suit 50, 80, 100 and 150 mm PVC pipe. Saddles are convenient for fitment to installations where it is difficult to cut into existing pipe work..
  • PVC Tees in 50, 80, 100 and 150 mm for new installations. Tees are fitted with a BSP thread to allow for easy inspection of the injector assembly.  
  • Injector assembly with 1inch BSP male thread. Screws direct into tapped pipes or fittings.

Kemfeed Pump & Chemical Controller Accessories 

  • Sample Water Flow Cell

    A competitively priced poly flow cell with see through canisters  for (2) probes and integrated S/S gauze filter. Suits standard ½ diameter probes such as Ionode or Broadley James, supplied with probe compression glands, earth probe, 3/8 poly tubing, fittings and (2) isolation valves. Options include a normally open flow switch and water sample tap.

    pH & ORP Probes

    Accurate & reliable probes ideal for swimming pool use. Come with 1.2 metre lead and BNC connect. Fully waterproof. IH 20 pH and IH 40 ORP.

  • In Line Check Valve

    In line glass reinforced polypropylene valve. Takes 3/8 OD tubing in/out. Stainless steel spring, ceramic ball seating on viton O ring. Excellent general purpose check valve.

    Heavy Duty Injector

    General purpose glass reinforced polypropylene injector that accepts most 3/8 OD tubing. Has ¼ & 3/8 BSP thread for fitting. Incorporates cartridge with stainless spring, ceramic ball, viton O ring and aflas seal. Can be used with diaphragm pumps, or peristaltic pumps with or without the check valve fitted. Also available in PVDF body for use with aggressive chemical, or for use with chlorine at elevated water temperatures.

  • Threadless Injector

    A general purpose glass reinforced polypropylene injector that accepts most 3/8 OD tubing. Simple to fit to existing piping. Drill a 10mm hole in pipe, push in injector and secure with the supplied hose clip. Incorporates removable poly prop check valve with stainless steel spring and viton O ring.

    Foot Valve/Tank Strainer

    A PVDF strainer that accepts ¼ & 3/8 OD tubing. Fitted with ceramic ball, viton O ring and aflas seal. The strainer mesh can be removed.

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