Specialist pool product suppliers

Pool Products are a specialty pool product suppliers. Based in QLD, we’re involved in the expert manufacture and distribution of equipment for the chemical treatment of commercial swimming pools. Also active in the chemical dosing of water in allied industries, we’ve built a reputation for offering solutions that suit complicated one-off and special projects. Let the team at Pool Products provide you with first-class treatment systems and control technology that are perfect for the job.

The right solutions

Our team of experts at Pool Products use in depth knowledge of the industry and years of experience to recommend the right solutions for any pool challenge you might have. Because of our positioning in the marketplace, we are able to provide a personal service and offer solutions for one-off projects or installations with special requirements. We are committed to promoting environmentally sound, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for pool water treatment and metering technology. 

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About Pool Products


Established in 1990, Pool Products has a broad, hands-on experience in all aspects of pool water management. That’s why practical advice and smooth project handling are as much a part of our offering as our outstanding customer service. With years of experience in the industry, we enjoy solving tricky problems and working in close collaboration with you to deliver practical results for your customers.

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